Is the paddy worth it?

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  1. The paddy is probably one of the more expensive bags among designer bags at abt £800. (that's just my opinion as most of my bags are a max of £600) Since many of you own other designer bags, can i ask if it is actually worth the money for its quality, practicality and cost per wear in your case?

    Would it be more 'worth it' to spend it on something else like a chanel or LV? i know 'worth' is really subjective, but would love to hear your opinions :smile:
  2. Muppy,

    i go back and forth w/ the paddy. i see someone w/ it and i love it. then i go and try it for myself and i think, well just maybe there is something else i would rather have at that price. that said, i've been thinking about it for eons, and just can't get it out of my mind. I'm pretty sure i'm going to break down any day and get one..... its only a matter of time...
  3. that's exactly how i feel abt this bag! I have been thinking abt it since Dec and meanwhile have bought other bags, but i just don't know if i want to lay down £800 for this despite loving this bag. :wondering
  4. ME TOO. i planned on buying it after christmas, but when the time came, i bought a Speedy 30, thinking that was a better investment and more classic of a bag. and more durable. but i still think about the paddy every day. I think i would feel better about getting a used instead of paying full retail.
  5. ^^^ Well, I saw the mousse paddy today, and was actually, momentarily, sorry that I'd bought the apple b-bag, because I wanted it so much. I think I will be pining after it for a long time, so In totally understand the dilemma.
  6. I actually think it's worth it. The leather is so nice and it is a unique style. I just love mine and don't regret a penny of it. I like my Las well and both aren't compareable. The paddy leather is pretty insensitive and it makes a great ****ty weather bag.
  7. I think it's totally worth it. Asides from my first LV, I totally obsessed over it. And if I was obsessing over it, I might as well buy it.
  8. I would buy this over an LV. I know they are supposed to be so great and everyone else loves them, but you are paying a premium for a bag with (usually) someone else's monogram on it and it is not even leather! It has leather trim, and it's a classic, but dollar for dollar I would rather have a leather bag and not be advertising for LV. Is it *worth* the money? Probably not. But that's what it costs if you want one. So it really comes down to how badly you want it. I mean, I think they will last forever, and they are probably going to hang in there in terms of style now that Phoebe Philo is retiring. And if you love scrumptious leather, it's a great bag!
  9. Personally I'd rather have a Chanel, but it depends on which one. The paddington is a nice bag, but I had quality issues with the one I had. The lock was scratched up and some of the leather was missing. Although I probably could have gotten one with a nicer lock, it just showed me what it would look like once it did get scratched up and I didnt like it. I guess that can be said about any bag, but thats just my opinion :biggrin:
  10. I just purchased my very first paddy a couple of days ago. It is fantastic. The quality of leather and workmanship is beautiful. I bought the non-metallic anthrocite. Im definetely loving my bag just wondering if I made the right color choice. I highly reccomend a paddy :smile:
  11. My answer is YESSSS!!!!

    I just opened my box from LVR about an hour ago, and I am still staring at it...and then I hide it when my co-workers come by, and I can't wait for them to leave so I can start caressing it and staring at it again...(I'm not crazy)
  12. I have a paddy, and many LV purses. I would say LV is definitely better quality, but it is a bit more flashy with the logos. I still love the Paddy though. If you don't mind the little wear that happens with the lock, I would recommend the Paddy.
  13. dee dee you are hilarious. i just saw the medium pocket paddy in black (IRL), and i'm thinking the obsession is hitting new heights! Its going to take all of my self control not to get one from LVR. i think i just like it in the darker colors. I was turned off by a tan one i saw last night at saks.
  14. :amazed: Does it purr when you pet it? Mine does... Or it could be me...
  15. Me too.
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