is the paddington shopper a popular bag at all?

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  1. looked at this in person at BG in NY, didn't like due to the positioning of the lock, I felt it would get banged to death every time I put the bag down, in addition to the normal wear and tear. Liked the overall shape/style, tho.
  2. hmmm....that's what i was wondering about too...
    but the lock is removable right? does this bag go on sale often? if so how much? thanks
  3. guess the answer to my question is, not.
  4. I also found the bag to be quite shallow due to the false bottom and didn't like the fact that it was open at the top. Cute though!!
  5. I was looking at this bag last night at Saks when it was 30% off, and I thought it looked really cute on. I hadn't ever thought I liked it before, but now I think I do. I think the full retail price is too high at $1800 though... that's just too much for a paddy, for me. :heart:
  6. it's 1585 in the white.
  7. I had this bag in roche but returned it because there was no closure in the top and things would fall out when you put it down. It was a hard decision because it was so cute.
  8. i was told it closed on the top. hmmmm
  9. I had it and it and let it go because the top was wide open. I didn't like that.
  10. I just got this bag at the NM private sale. I took it out and packed it up last night. It's going back today. It's floppy, doesn't stand up, the padlock hits the ground, and the extra compartment at the bottom just makes it lay weird. Sorry folks...not a winner. :sad:I wish I'd seem this thread before I bought it at NM!
  11. Oooo, it's not sounding SA sent me a modeling pix, and it looks so cute on.
  12. I have the paddington shopper in whiskey. The shopper style appealed to me because I loved the classic chloe padlock but I didnt want to get the ubiquitous paddy that's been knocked off to death. The shallow bottom is a bit annoying when it's empty, but I usually keep it filled so it's not a problem. I keep the padlock on one half of the zipper so that I dont have to keep unlocking it whenever i need something from the bottom. I do take extra care placing my shopper on the floor cuz of the location of the padlock, but I never really place my handbags on the floor anyways so banging the padlock on the floor isnt a concern for me. The main compartment is a bit shallow, but I've been using the shopper as my everyday bag and i have no complaints. Anyways, I dont like to carry heavy bags and the classic paddy seemed too heavy for my taste. There is no fastening at the top so things may spill out, but once again, I'm really cautious with my handbags so I dont normally place them so things can spill out.
  13. Net-A-porter sometimes has the black shopper on sale for 900...
  14. thanks for your reply! may i ask whether you got yours at reg. or sale? so, overall it sounds like you're enjoying the bag, that's great. i think the fact that it's an open top it may bother me since i thought it was a closed top. tks again for your reply.