Is the PA only a casual bag?

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  1. Or does it work as a dressier bag if you add a chain? I went back and forth between the PA with a strap and the Favorite MM, and decided on the PA because the Favorite strap was too short on me (I’m 5’11). But now I’m wondering if the Favorite is the more versatile bag. I’m just in the market for one right now, and my next bag will be larger. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Yes, only casual. It's not even designed to be a "bag" at all, unlike the Favorite.
  3. I can only see the PA working in casual situations. Maybe a felicie is something for you, I think it could work crossbody for you. I’m 6’4 and for me it is just a bit too short (you can always order a non lv chain in the perfect lenght for you at for example mautto)
  4. I think PA on the shoulder as a baguette style bag can look pretty dressy for a night out at the clubs. Dressy, but not formal. With a longer strap, it will look very casual.
  5. Here is what it looks like with different strap options. Still quite casual, but can look a bit “dressier” with a metal chain.

    - LV vachetta strap it comes with
    - LV mono strap, bought separately
    - gold chain from ebay
    BACC55C8-7598-4D47-B69C-3CAA133FFAED.jpeg A3866C81-D3EE-44DE-B294-A8AD61053E6D.jpeg C1BDED15-5360-4E02-8BF7-61FFC9209949.jpeg
  6. Thanks for all the replies! Answers my question. Although I’m not sure the Favorite will work as a dressy/formal option either? I’ll look into the Felice! Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I love it!
  8. I put a short chain on my DE PA and have used it for several weddings as a wristlet/clutch. Crossbody, I do feel like it's more casual (even with a chain strap) but I'm sure it'd work for any occasion unless you are looking for something that has some bling.
  9. I have a non-TPF friend TPF (ie, a person who isn't nearly as fussy or attentive to bags and bag trends as I am!) who uses her PA with a chain strap for all occasions, from casual day outs to clubbing to formal dinners. I would stop short of wearing it with an evening gown, but I say go for it if you like the look! Personally, I like the way the PA looks more than how the Favorite looks.
  10. I agree its casual, as its not really meant to be a bag at all. it's an accessory to a bag. However, I see many people carrying it as an everyday bag or wristlet.

    Maybe cause that's all they can afford or just their personal prefetence. I don't mean to sound like a snob about it. I think as long as you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

    But since you asked and you are looking for advice, I would not carry it as an evening bag. I would probably look into less expensive choices (other brands) and put your money towards what really works for your lifestyle.

    I kind of equate it to people that buy the base line Mercedes without any extras because that's all they could afford. they like driving a Mercedes. For the same money, one could get a top of line something else with tons of features. it all depends on how you want to spend your money.

    but i wouldn't carry the pa as an evening bag. I think it would detract from your look.
  11. [​IMG]

    I just bought the PA from my SA along with a cute bandeau. She sent me a picture of the bandeau being used as a cute strap. Definitely dresses up the bag a bit
  12. OP, a more dressy option is to get a PA in Epi leather. The canvas PA will always look casual, imo.
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  13. I think that’s a broad assumption.

    I use the PA all the time. It’s actually one of my favourite “bags” and that is because of the size. I carry very little day to day and the PA is the perfect size.

    I have way more expensive bags that I just don’t reach for as often just because I love the PA. So I think has nothing to do with what someone can afford but what people like.
  14. OUCH! You mentioned you "don't mean to sound like a snob about it" but this is definitely how it comes across (not to mention highly judgmental). Geez. I think the PA can absolutely be dressed up, regardless of what this poster thinks. And btw, a PA is not a cheap bag. Perhaps it is in Purseforum land, but this is not the real world... I think we're all lucky to be able to afford an LV. Off my soapbox now.
  15. It’s so pretty with the bandeau! A very good idea!
  16. Thanks again for all the feedback! I was familiar with the criticisms of the PA not meant to be used as a daily bag, and then the pushback against that, from reading previous threads. I love the look of the PA with the monogram strap used as a crossbody (very casual look!) and that’s why I bought it. I was curious how versatile it is and I think I’ve found the answer for me! So I really appreciate the comments.

    I LOVE the idea of using the bandeau with the PA! Did your SA send a tip on how to tie it?