Is the Outlet Vivianne lambskin?

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  1. I have this bag:

    It's the Vivianne from the outlet. I paid $140 for it and am trying to decide whether I'm going to return it. Is it lambskin? All the tag says is "leather." Nothing else. I can't for the life of me find another tag on the interior that tells me what it's made out of. Does anyone else have this bag (in a different style, maybe) and know?
    Also, is the chain metal? It feels lighter than metal but heavier than plastic.
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  2. This is the response I got from MK:

    "Thank you for contacting Michael Kors regarding the Michael Kors Women's VIVIANNE Medium Flap Shoulder Handbag.

    This amazing handbag is made of beautiful soft leather. "

    Presumably this means it's cow leather, but I've responded to double check.
  3. As far as I know, it was only the quilted Sloans that were lambskin, everything else is calf. Although some of the padded quilted Whitney chain shoulder bags might be lamb too, they feel similar to Sloans.