Is the origan a good color ?


Feb 2, 2006
I' m exchanging my perfo speedy for something and I'm thinking origan city because I really want a green bag. Has anyone seen this color IRL?? and if so how is it. I called balenciaga NY and the SA said it has more distressing because of the color.
I saw it and I liked it but I wasn't going to run out and buy it. I thought it was a very muted neutral green. If you want a bright deep green, I'd go for the emerald, but if you like muted colors, origan might be the one for you.

I know someone bought the bag here and ended up returning it also. I would definitely check it out in rl before buying it.
I have a City in this color and have posted a pic in one of the threads. I liked it because it's not a flashy green color...muted like BLove said. Now that it's a few months old, the color looks even better because it's a bit darker.
Personally, I really like the origan. I'm hoping there are still some available when I'm ready to make another major bag purchase. I'm not as crazy about the seems like a cooler shade of green and I prefer warm tones.