Is the Optic Oblong Scarf too long to tie to a satchel?

  1. Looking for a matching scarf for the optic satchel, are the oblong scarves too long for this? I was looking at the Optic Pony tail scarf too but it is not as pretty imo, the oblong has that sheer look to it which I Love!
  2. The optic oblong ones are kind of big and long on a bag unless you have a huge bag and want to double it up and tie it as a bow. I'd recommend the ponytail scarf :yes:
  3. I have one and I wear it on a large bag. An large ergo magazine tote.
  4. Oblong scarves are long, they are best used as belts or as a headband.
  5. here's how it looks tied on my Janice's Legacy bag, just to give you an idea...I really think it might be too long for your satchel.


  6. Thanks for taking the time to post a pic! I think I will have to go with the ponytail one. Either the Optic Sig or the Zebra stripe. Too bad there wasn't a sheer ponytail scarf :shrugs:

    Thank you everyone!:heart: