Is the Only Person on Your Xmas List That's Done Yourself?


How Far Have You Gotten with Your Xmas Shopping?

  1. I've bought myself a Xmas gift but no one else yet

  2. I haven't bought for anyone, including me

  3. I'm about halfway done with everyone

  4. R U Kidding? I was done a month ago!

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  1. So, how many others out there are like me, and have bought themselves a really nice handbag (or more than one!) as a Xmas present for themselves, but haven't bought a single gift for anyone else on their list yet??

    I bought an MJ bag from Nordstroms 40% sale about a week & a half ago, and today, I just won a HTF 1st season MJ Baby Stam bag on eBay! Other than placing an order for 2 things for my granddaughter (tonite!) I haven't bought another single gift!!!

    For one, we usually have to wait until my husband gets his *bonus* check which seems to be handed out later & later each year (expected on the 20th!) - I don't have a lot of people to shop for, and I pretty much know what I have to get so I end up "power shopping" on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th! (I also find some pretty good sales & markdowns at that point!!), and then I find myself up wrapping all night long on Xmas eve!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Any other procrastinators out there that either haven't started, or haven't gotten much done (except themselves!)??? Please tell me Im not alone :shrugs:
  2. I haven't bought for anyone including me because I have been ill all week but I am gonna buy my presents after Christmas as the sales are brilliant then.
  3. Sorry - no help here. I'm over done!

    All the gifts are purchased, and I think I got the last few items over Thanksgiving weekend or the weekend after. I'm doing all the wrapping this weekend. I love to spend those last few days at home doin' a whole lot of 'nothin!

    That's not a good thing - I"m now running around looking at all the good sales and spending more money on ME than I should. Uh, yup, one too many gifts from Santa to ME under that tree!
  4. Aw, man, iluvmybags, you make me feel SOOOO much better! I have actually almost completed my Xmas shopping, but I'm pretty sure that I've spent as much money on myself as I have on anyone else. I have bought several bags in the last few weeks (and am waiting for one of the last Thickskins), but also have bought other things that I had no idea I wanted or needed until I bought them for somebody else on my list. I'm waiting for that call I get from the credit card company occasionally asking me if I'm aware of all the unusual activity on my account...:girlsigh:
  5. I didn't realize it was so close to christmas until yesterday. I still have many more to complete. But first, I must study!! Someone kick me off this place!
  6. Normally it's that way but this year I forced myself to start early. I was actually finished with shopping and everybody wrapped by December 1st. But since then...I have gotten myself a few christmas gifts......and my birthday is two days after *giggle*
  7. Oh man - Nothing like a little guilt around the Holidays!!:blush::blush:
  8. Hahaha...I have already gotten 4 purses for myself when I was supposed to be shopping for my family and friends...two of my dormmates down, my brothers gift is done, my cousin, and two of my friends...but everyone else still remains...gotta get a roll on!