Is the onatah and the perf LV limited collections???

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  1. Does anyone have any idea how long this items will be availiable for ... I need to know how long I can hold back for :biggrin:
  2. My SA here informed that they are both limited collections and available for one season (or until stocks sell out..the onatah pm has already sold out here:cry: ).
  3. Shalom is right, there just available this year and that's it. IMO thank god so I've the chance to fall in love again with LV next year. I'm not a fan of the bags they do now.
  4. oh so do you mena that they are only availiable say for 4 months then they get rid of stocks like the cerises or are they availiable for the whole of 2006 till december??
  5. I think ther perf will be available the whole year but I don't know about the suedes.

  6. I THINK they are available until they get rid of the stock (but of course we cannot predict what LV's whims are regarding selected limited editions). I can remember when the Cerise collection came out, they said it would only be available for Spring and Summer. But I can remember going into the boutiques as late as November and still see some Cerise items displayed on the shelves.
  7. The LV SA at my local boutique told me the the Suede bags are not a limited edition collection, but the Perfo bags are.