is the NUAGE paddington already sold out?

  1. hello! i am a baby paddy lover and i am looking for my fourth paddy:heart:....i would like to buy the new nuage:drool:...but here in italy i couldn't find any store that has got it:crybaby:....i don't know where i can find it...maybe is it sold out?:confused1:thanks for your help kisses
  2. Hi, the only site I have seen it on is Diabro and it sold out really quickly ages ago. I have been in my local department store, but they aren't doing any paddingtons this season (it was all Heloise and bays). Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck with your search.
  3. thank you so much:smile:
  4. I *think* a few stores in London may still have them? Try the Chloe Boutique on Sloane Street and Harvey Nichols too ;)

    They will mail to you and being in Italy you will have no customs or anything like that to pay :tup:
  5. wooww i didn't know they ship to italy..thanks for your help!!kisses:balloon:
  6. moving to shopping
  7. I called NM in San Francisco earlier this week and was told they have the 'nuage' color paddy, not sure if it's the baby paddy though. :smile:
  8. chloeglamour i saw the nuage paddy at NM Palo Alto and San Francisco recently, they had LOTS of paddies... they were all medium though... haven't seen the baby paddy.
  9. Try the Gisa Boutique in Chiaravalle (Ancona). They had a few Mini Paddington's in the nuage color. I think, this should be the right phone number to dial from Italy:
    071 949 107. Ask for Sergio. You can pm me, if you need more info.
  10. thank you so much i will call in ancona's store :smile:
  11. thanks invenio...the problem is do they ship to italy? from usa there are a lot of customs duties...i need to go milan to see if there is a nuage colour ..kisses:yes:
  12. chloeglamour i'm not sure if you've located a nuage baby in milan! but i went to NM SF today and saw the nuage baby paddy together with tan, rouge, and black! their number is 415-362-3900.. i know NM ships internationally but not sure how customs work.. maybe someone here who's ordered can help??
  13. hi invenio!! thank you so much i called them but they told me they can't declare low value( idon't know why! diabro do it !) so if they declare 1000$ i have to pay 400$ of duties!!!plus shippng,etc... anyway i iwll keep on dreaming:heart::crybaby:... how was the bag?i think we have similar tastes!!:p
  14. ugh, that's horrible! 40% tax??

    the bag was very pretty, esp in the mini size, i wanted it so much.. but i already have a mastic baby and edith so i need to stop buying whitish chloe bags although i love them so much! if it had been on sale though... i'd definitely have jumped on it... white or not...

    anyway i hope you find one! i'll keep a lookout, maybe AR or LVR will get them in! :heart:
  15. Hey were you still looking for a nuage paddy? has restocked, good luck! It is beautiful isn't it?