Is the Nomade leather sensitiv?

  1. I would know if the Nomade leather is sensitiv for en every day bag? (Rain drops?) I think about a Lockit, but not in Mono! The colours in Epi for the Lockit I don't like, so I think about a special order in Epi Cannelle with golden hardware or maybe also a Nomade. I love the Nomade, but I'm afraid of raindrops or other spots. Nomade-owners, please give me some informations - thank you!:smile:
  2. i dont own any nomade but i would imagine it scratches easily.
  3. You do have to be careful with nomade as it marks quite easily and have to be very cautious with rain..I think it is a stunning leather and will age beautifully over time. I adore the nomade lockit:heart:
  4. It's really scratch sensitive!
  5. I have a nomade wallet. It is a stunning leather, but unfortunately, jamalu is right. It is really prone to scratching. Not too sure about the water thing though.
  6. Yes, although I am really careful with my handbags and wallets, my nomade wallet shows signs of scratching.
  7. Thank you, ladies - that's what I'm afraid of! I like the Nomade leather very much, it's something special and not to see everywhere! And I love especially the colour of the Nomade! If I don't decide on the Nomade, maybe I would go for an Epi Lockit in Cannelle (unfortunately a special order, because at the moment the Lockit is available only in black, red or ivory ).:rolleyes:
  8. Bought my DH a Nomade wallet last Christmas, and got scratches on it :crybaby:
  9. My bf bought himself a nomade briefcase and there are scratches on it just from him admiring the bag. He hasnt even brought the briefcase out yet :sad: