Is the Nikki too big for me?

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  1. Hello ladies! I am contemplating getting a Nikki but I'm worried it might be a little too big for me, I am only 5'3 1/2 tall but on the chubby side :P Maybe you can post photos of you carrying you Nikki's with height detail? Thanks for your help!
  2. lauren conrad is 5'5" and there are some pics of her wearing the regular sized nikki wine. i just posted a pic of her in the celeb with rm bags section.
  3. shes shorter then 5'5 in real life, just lists herself as 5'5. she actually probably around 5'3
  4. Chinkee--I will post pics of me when I get mine! I'm about 5'5 or so.

    PS I noticed you in the Bal forum and now you're over here! I've been hanging out over here recently, the bag prices are a steal compared to Bal! Haha. And they're so adorable, and a good diversity to add to the collection! GL hope you don't get addicted to these too! The Nikki style is ADORABLE! What Bbags do you have? I think this size is somewhere between the day and the work...maybe similar size to the brief?
  5. i've actually seen her in real life. i think she is around 5'5" since i am the same height but definitely not 5'3".
  6. I am wondering the same thing. I am only 5'0"!!!! I really want a nikki though and not the mini because it seems too small to fit anything like a computer in. I would love to see pics of someone as short as me with a nikki. I am normal size i'd say not to big or too thin, but I am more worried about how it would look with my height considering models are always soo skinny anyway .
  7. i dont have one.....yet..... :P but i think it would be similar size to the Bal Day?
    I am so ordering the wine nikki soon!!!
  8. ^^ Hey wenthy! If it's the same size as Day then I can get away with it! Hehe! If it's east-west big I can carry it, but the height is what I was worried about lol! Hey, mind telling me where you found your rose twiggy? Since you keep finding these treasures, maybe you can help me find some for me!:P

    purple, I was hoping the Nikki will be somewhere along the lines of the Day, the Brief is definitely too big for me. :sad: As for my Bbags, I have 05 Mage, Grenat, Black, 2 Jaunes, Tomato, EB, Mogano, & Sienna :yes:
  9. I'm only 5 feet tall--here are some old pics when I first bought the bag. It's a regular Nikki in espresso w/silver hardware.


    thumb.jpg thumb2.jpg
  10. ^^ Looks fantastic on you!!:tup: I just love the silver hardware!!
  11. Thanks for sharing those pics, shopinator! I'm only 5'0 too and I pre-ordered the Nikki in Wine so I'm glad to see you rockin' it!!!! BTW I love your bedding!!! It reminds me of the RM linings..... :love:
  12. ^ LOL!! Yes I thought the bedding was v RM too! Thanks shopinator for the pics, the nikki looks good on you and not overwhelming at all. :smile:
  13. I think big bags look adorable on short girls! I hate that tall girls don't look AS good with small bags! LOL

    I think you should go for a nikki. Shopinator, the bag looks GREAT on you!
  14. Girl, please! Im barely breaking 5'4 and I love me my big ol' bags!

    To answer your question, no the Nikki is not too big for you! Buy it, wear it, and love it! Dont worry!
  15. Is the Nikki a heavy bag???