Is the new vernis color coming out in June?

  1. What is name of the purplish color? Vamp? They will small piece stuff, won't they? i.e. Ludlow, or changepurse?:confused1:
  2. i heard they are releasing amarante in the inclusion pieces in june...haven't heard about the actual bags/accessories yet...
  3. The bags are scheduled for sometime in the fall. I'm thinking September/October.
    The Inclusion color of Amarante will be released in June. If you do a search of "Amarante", you'll find a lot more info, pics of what the pieces should look like, etc.
  4. ah good. i can't wait to get on a waitlist for an amarante piece.
  5. My lexington awaits!
  6. me too! :yes:
  7. I'm all about the amarante pegase over here :graucho:
  8. oooh an amarante ludlow or agenda...hehe birthday present to myself this oct!!! hehe
  9. ^^ Exactly what I was thinking. By bday is Aug 31st..if they come out perhaps Sept 1st I'd blow all my birthday loot on a new Vernis.
  10. I cant wait for the new color to come out.
  11. Does anyone know if all the current vernis bags will be in the new color or just a few?
  12. oh i think the amarante will be beautiful!
  13. me three! ;)
  14. I want a pegase.
  15. I want ......... a zippy wallet!