Is the new Sunset Blvd going to be hard to get?

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  1. I haven't waitlisted for this but really want to get it, have we heard if it's going to be hard to find?
  2. I don't think so. As far as I know it's not limited but it's availability should be along the lines of the Roxbury Dr. or Malibu St. when they first came out. Meaning rare at first, then easier to get ahold of as time goes on.
  3. I assumed that it'd be a part of the permanent collection. I'm in no rush to get it...if it's still available in 2008, I'll get it.
  4. my SA thinks it should become a permanent line... i think same as roxbury and other vernis bags.. only the colour will be seasonal...
  5. Mmm my SA just told me its Ltd!!! Im waitlisted for it, I think really I just want something in amarante and this is the nicest bag in amarante!
    Im waiting for a call from the manager so i will post here what he tells me! xx

  6. oh thanks luva pug.. may be i should double confirm with my SA too..