is the new non-big/gold hardware SILVER?

  1. Sorry, if someone's already asked this, but it looks (in the pics) like the new hardware that's NOT large and gold is actually SILVER? Is that the case? Also, has anyone determined whether that aqua-greenish looking matellese quilted bag is in fact vert d'eau and if there is also turquoise or not in the new colors?
  2. I haven't heard there is silver hardware but if there was I'd buy every color!:lol:
  3. it's still brass- but you know what color the balenciaga 'brass' hardware is- it's a blackened silver color with a little brass coloring... often looks like a dark silver.

    i wish it was silver.. yummm
  4. those pics, on the quilted bags, it looks positively silver! (not brassy-silver, not blackened silver)
  5. May I ask which pictures you are talking about?
  6. yes- all of the quilted bags, ponyskin, goatskin, 05 metallics and other assorted bags have shiny silver hardware. but the original bags will have the normal brass hardware.