Is the new large vernis cles too bulky?

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  1. I'm really interested in buying an Amarante piece. I had previously bought the Amarante Cles but returned it because it was too small / hard to get in and out of.

    Now there is a new larger cles but I'm worried it would be too bulky to have hanging on my keys. When I go to the gym I just take my keys with the cles attached and stick it in my coat pocket. Would the cles be too bulky to go into a pocket?

    Also I saw a pic of the large cles next to a ludlow and the cles is bigger! It might look weird to have something wallet-sized dangling off my keys.

    What does everyone think?
  2. I don't use it for my keys - but it fits in my back pocket perfectly. If you had one or two keys on it I would just zip them up inside of it. I think it's a perfect size.
  3. I have the amarante one and I don't find it bulky at all. It comfortably holds my cards, cash and coins. I prefer this cles over the smaller size.
  4. It's not bulky at all. I use it for keys, and it's perfect! I can now fit my CCs in the side pockets. I couldn't do that when I used to use my Perfo Cles.
  5. I love the bigger size! I have the T&B cles and when I first saw it, I thought it was too big too. But it can hold so much more and its not weird with my keys. Sometimes, I don't bring my purse with me and just put my cles in my pocket. Or have it dangle off my jeans belt loop. (I discovered that style this weekend!)
  6. i always though it was rather big and too feminine for me but from what ive seen the ladies on this forum love it. i cant say ive seen men with it thought
  7. NO, its just Fabulosly Outrageouse!
  8. Yeh I do prefer the original size, though I could certainly work with the larger size.
  9. i got 1 ands use it....:wlae: wan a model pic?:P
  10. Yes, please I've been trying to decide on the bigger size, also.:yes:
  11. I bought the larger one in Pomme and returned it the next day. It is too big to fit in my hand comfortably and I just didn't care for how big it was. I prefer the original size personally.
  12. I have the original size in pomme and the larger one in amarante. I love both. I used to hang the pomme one on my keys til I got the glitter ball key ring. I think the larger would be kind of bulky for keys everyday, but to bring to the gym would be fine. I like that its larger cause I can keep my drivers license, store savings cards, my little memory stick thingy and change and a few dollars and can run out to the store in a pinch and it fits my my coat pocket just fine. I really love both, but the larger seems more useful.
  13. I have a Pomme one and I LOVE it
  14. NOPE, you can fit CC's in it :smile:
  15. I'm really enjoying mine. So much so, I got rid of my smaller one and only use the bigger one now. I have my keys on mine and it fits quite nicely in my coat pocket.