Is the new feedback policy in effect?

  1. Where only buyers can leave feedback for the seller?

    If so, I will not be listing my item next week.

    I'm done with selling and I just started! :s
  2. It comes into effect in May, the 20th I believe
  3. Wow! I thought it was supposed to start Feb. 20th. Maybe eBay is revising the policy.
  4. ^The new fee changes started then, but not the feedback.
  5. Does this new policy bug the crap out of anyone besides me. What's to stop non-paying bidders now there is no down side to doing what ever they want.
  6. I had to leave feedback today for a seller for something I bought before the strike started that was just delivered. Instead of chosing 1 to 5 stars it now has the options written out without the stars. You chose things like satisfied with shipping time, very satisfied with shipping time, neither satisfied nor disatisfied with shipping time, etc... Just another way we are all going to end up with 3 stars for shipping charge. :rolleyes:
  7. Wow, that sucks! I'll get dinged on shipping charges for sure. Maybe I will start making my shipping charges less than what the actual cost is, or free and increase the prices of my items. I really loathe doing that because that means eBay gets more FVFs. I get dinged on shipping fees all the time because I only ship express mail international with insurance, and even though the postage prints right on the customs form, buyers must think it's still to high. You just can't win!