Is the new Chloe Paddington soft and slouchy like the 2005 paddington??

  1. Please help,I want to purchase one from net a porter, but I want it to be just as slouchy as the original.
  2. Are you talking about the new style or just 07 original paddys?

    I'm not as familiar with the 05 leather (had an 06 and now just 07) but having seen the new style irl it is definitely different (but still beautiful) leather. I believe others have commented in other posts about the new fall styles and perhaps one specific to the new style.

    I'm sure there will be plenty of experts who can chime in...
  3. Hi, i just received a White-Blanc- Chloe paddington from Aloha Rag. I have been concerned as it is vastly different than my Red 06 and choc.06. the leather is squishy, but not the same yummy feel as the others. it is also completely evenly pebbled all around, so i thought maybe it was a fake.
    I called the Chloe Boutique in Florida today and talked to a nice knowledgeable gal there, and she confirmed that the leather was a bit firmer for the more structured fall designs. i'm still debating whether to keep her!
  4. Thank you so...much for your reply. It helped
  5. I have many Chloes from '05, '06, and ' will not see the leather from '05 again, BUT I do love my '06's and '07's just the same:smile: :tup:
  6. Does anyone with an 07 bag, find that it feels more like vinyl? Mine actually sqeaks when worn. Definitely not the same leathers.
  7. Thanks. Ok, it sounds like the leather is different than 05, but is it stil slouchy leather??
  8. Not quite as slouchy, thats why i'm not sure about keeping it.
  9. "Squeaks?" That's a new one....where did you get it? If you are absolutely sure it's not a fake, then I would probably return it and see if they have another one that has a better leather. :confused1: I suspect, (just a suspicion, mind you) that perhaps Chloe is having their bags made in various factories and the quality control may be slipping. :sad:The newer paddys that I have from '07 don't have the same leather as the ones from '06, (and FOR SURE not '05!) BUT the leather is still lovely and smooshy...and none of mine "squeak." :nogood:If yours is a fake and you have been duped...that's a whole other problem! :tdown: