Is the new chain longer than old chain?

  1. Is it long enough to wear as a messenger bag?
    any modeling pic when it wear as a messenger bag?
    any input would be very very appreciate. thank :heart::tup:
  2. yes, the new chain on the jumbo is longer. it is too long imo to be worn as a messenger bag. but some of the girls here have wonderful suggestions as to how to shorten the straps
  3. Thank you :heart: How about Med. Flap? is the chain long enough as a messenger bag? I am about to order one on the phone.

  4. hmm, not really. it doesn't really sit low enough to be a messenger, but you are able to wear it across body.
  5. So... in Med. Flap the new chain and old chain are about the same length???:confused1:

    Thank you so much, takeoutbox :heart::heart::heart: