Is the New Cabby permanent...?

  1. I stopped by the mall the other day and stopped in the LV boutique at Saks just to have a look around.

    I had no plan on buying any new bags since I've gotten two new LV's over the summer, but I fell head over heels in love with the black New cabby GM but I have to wait. I've spent way to much on bags this year, and I need to wait....a little.

    My this permanent in LV? I'd hate to go to the boutique a few months from now and find out they don't make them anymore.

  2. Yes, for a couple of seasons. The black will then supposedly be discontinued.
  3. That is what I was told too!
  4. So the style is permanent but the black is seasonal? Is that right? I could have sworn the SA said the black was a permanent color but I could have heard him wrong...
  5. I believe the black is seasonal
  6. black is seasonal or "permanent for several seasons" i like to think of it as slightly more limited than the fuchsia and green.
  7. At first the SAs were telling us that the black was permanent, but then the story changed. They are now saying it will "probably be seasonal" but I believe the bag itself will be released in other colours.
  8. Well, I love the bag in black so much I just went ahead and ordered it.... I couldn't help myself. :smile:

    I'm just too worried that I'd miss out on it if I waited too long.
  9. congrats neptune! did you get the MM or the GM?
  10. You won't regeret it Neptune it is a great bag!
  11. Thanks, I got the GM, (I'm 6 ft!!!) the same as I tried on at the boutique but I decided to order it from eLux to save on some money with the no shipping cost and no tax.

    I'm really excited. I'll make sure to post pictures when I get it. I hope the black is real dark like the one I tried on...
  12. congrats. you are going to love it. I use mine all the time.