Is the Neverfull still available?

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  1. Might be a stupid question but I went in to eluxury and I couldn't find it.

    And I searched for realated threads but I couldn't find any :shame:

    I really want a Mono Neverfull MM :heart:

    And another question..those straps looks so much can you fill in one? Are we talking about heavy books or just some kiwis and bananas?

    EDIT: Also, how much will it cost after the priceincrease? Im not even sure how much it was in the first place.
  2. neverfull is still avail. i believe its part of the permanent line. its probably not on eluxury because it is out of stock.
    it can hold plenty, not just kiwis and bananas. :biggrin:
    i have put in books, diapers, wipes, bottle of water, a tiny lunch bag for my babe, receiving blanket, wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses etc... this was the gm.
  3. I looked on eluxury earlier today and they still had them on there....I was thinking on ordering a pm
  4. Great. Thanks ladies! =)
  5. If you're in Canada...they had them at Holt Renfrew in Edmonton today...
  6. the new price increase should be about 4% or 5%.
    im unsure of the current retail and well i believe the math is rather simple. it wont be more than $40 ( ihope)