Is the Neverfull MM still available?

  1. Is it still available in S'pore? My mum wants it,but I heard from my friend that they are out of stock and the waiting list has closed. Hope someone can enlighten me

  2. It's a permanent bag I think alot of stores have sold out at the minute but it will be coming back into stores she just needs to be patient that's all
  3. Ouch - waiting list closed ? That's a bummer. It is permanent, it just may be a little difficult to get at the time because the demand is high.
  4. hi there.. im fr sg. juz to let u noe tt yes, the neverfull MM is oos here and stocks recently came in but only those on the waiting list.. and not all on e waiting list got their bags..:smile:
  5. In thailand ,Paris and Italy are long waiting list and dont take the order now
  6. I think the reason the Neverfull is available here in the states, is that they are being manufactured in the California factory....everywhere else in the world is getting the Neverfulls from France, so that could be why there is a backlog in Asia.....