Is the Neiman Marcus last call sale still on?

  1. I was reading some blog and it said that today 8/1/07 is the last day... Is that true? I see it's still going on on-line. Anyone know when the sale ends?
  2. I dont think it is? I was just on there:shrugs: but there always is a last call..hmm
  3. I think the final markdowns are August 1-6 in store
  4. From what I know, Last Call varies from area to area. When one areas Last Call is over, they move all the stuff to another area. That's why you suddenly see an abundance of sale merchandise. I went yesterday and I scored 2 Vince tees, 2 Vince pants, 1 Vince sweater, 1 Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, top, and pants. As you can tell, I was only looking at my two fav brands.