Is the navy patent jumbo flap a year round bag--or

  1. do you all wear it seasonally? I bought it for spring wear, but I miss it! And, I got these adorable little flats yesterday. I know I probably shouldn't weary matchy-matchy shoes, patent with patent, with the bag, but I love them, too:
  2. Cute flats! Well, I've only had my black patent for about a month or so, but I definitely plan on wearing it year-round. I never really went along with only wearing certain colors during certain seasons and what not. If you feel like wearing it, then wear it! You didn't pay that much money for it to sit around waiting for you. :yes:
  3. I love your shoes :heart:and why not wear the patent jumbo all year round?'it's blue after all!:yes:
  4. i'll be wearing mine year round! remember we set our own fashion rules:yes:!!
  5. Oh I'm so jealous! I haven't worn my blue patent jumbo because I wanted shoes to match and you found them! I may have visit Zappos.

    For me, patent is a year-round style (unlike suede which I prefer in fall/winter) so yes, I'll wear it as often as I can!
  6. I think you can wear any colour bag anytime as long as it rocks with your outfit
  7. all year round
  8. I would totally wear any color I love year round, and the blue patent flap is one of my favorites (yes, one of my favorites that I do not own, LOL :shame:smile:. Those flats are super cute too, I like when things match so I would wear them together.