Is the Multicolore Speedy "out"?

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Is the Multicolore Speedy out of style?

  1. Yes, totally passe like yesterday's news

  2. No, it's hot and I'd still rock it

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  1. I've been wanting a MC speedy forever, but it's already been around for a few years and I almost never see anyone carry it anymore. It was an "IT" bag when it was first released.... is it "out of style" now? :confused1: If you have one, do you still use it often? TIA
  2. I have a MC speedy, alma, pochette, PTI wallet, and a phone strap. Sadly, I only use the phone strap every dy and haven't touched the bags in a while. :sad: It's hard for me to say that its passe though, because my plan is to use them again this spring.
  3. i really don't think there is any such thing as an "out" LV
  4. I have many MC pieces and I'm wearing my MC Speedy 30 right now. I've never seen that many MC bags out in public even when they first came out in 2003 - let me rephrase - I haven't seen that many REAL MC bags out in public.
    LV keeps producing these bags and they come out with new styles and accessories each year. If they were unpopular, they wouldn't sell. If they don't sell, LV would discontinue the line.
    So it's obviously not going anywhere, and I still get a lot of stares complements on the MC bags. I love them, they are my favorite out of all the LV collections.
  5. While the MC isn't my favourite, the white MC's are growing on me now. I think that they're cute for spring and summer but personally if I owned some I"d put them away during winter. Perhaps that's why you don't see them as often right now?

    I'm still a girl who goes very much by the no white after labour day rule.
  6. i think the MC speedy is still hot!

  7. I agree! I love MC and I don't think it will ever be "out". IMO.
  8. I love MC too and I will wear it for as long as I wish. I don't care if it goes out of style either. But I really don't think it ever will

    And like another pooster said earlier--I rarely see people out with them anyways unless I'm in the mall where they carry LV. And that's only one mall in the whole city.
  9. ^^^ITA:yes: i don't think I've seen anyone with a real MC
    its such a gorgeous fun bag:love:
  10. I said it was out, but kind of think it's a strong expression, it's just not an 'it' bag at the moment but if I saw one I wouldn't wince like woah, that's one out bag, I'd be impressed w/ it's beauty still. But to me when I think about the white mc speedy, I can't help but think about The Newlyweds w/ Jessica Simpson and that was like eons ago. The same goes for any exciting LV style that was limited too, like cerise/grafitti, if I saw one I'd think wow that's awesome even though they are not currently considered 'hot' and 'it' right now. I say go for it, if you like it and want it, forget about how it's perceived. I highly doubt anyone would look your way and think it was out, I know I wouldn't despite my vote.
  11. I don't think it's out. Would love to have one, but I already have the Alma (which I rarely use :shame:smile:, so no need to get another one...
  12. I agree with you! I think that is one beautiful piece!
  13. Yeah, there's no such thing as something being "out" in the LV world!!! Plus, shouldn't you be purchasing something because YOU like it, not because it's "in"? :s
  14. Personally, I think MC items are out. But I do see a lot of fakes, so maybe they still are "in". I also think it depends where you live.
  15. I don't think MC Speedy will ever be out. Monogram Speedy is a classic and I think the MC is too. It may not be as hot as it was when it first came out, of course, but it will never be out of style. I see people carrying them all the time and they look great to me as when they came out.