Is the multicolore SHIRLEY a classic?

  1. I’m looking for a classic and versatile evening bag that will glam up my for-the-most-part black going out dresses and jeans with black tops. I want an evening bag for semi-fancy parties and nice restaurants, holiday parties etc.

    Is the Louis Vuitton multicolore Shirley in black a classic bag that will last me for many years and parties, or will it look dated/be over or not functional enough, etc?

    I've read some here on the forum think the multicolore line is over. I know I should get what I want and not care what others think, but while I don’t want to admit it, what other people think does matter to me a little :shame: . I hope you understand....

    Would love to hear your thoughts!! You can be brutally honest :biggrin: .
    LV Shirley blk.jpg
  2. the multicolore is a classic BUT i personally feel it is a daytime, casual line of LV, for something to become a classic it must withstand the test of time i.e. monogram canvas, damier, Chanel suit and "little black dress", Diors Bar suit etc. the multicolore line was created in 03(but it might have been 01 not 100%) either way that is not nearly long enough for to be concidered a classic, this will be decided by the next generation and future ones! So it is a gamble 10 years down the track you may not be able to pull the shirley out of the clost and use it but you certainly can if it were say a damier alma! So personally if you want 100% sure long time use get something in the mongram or damier, followed by epi, these go with anything as they are classics (exculding epi obviously you need to match it with your clothes) furthermore mutlicolore will not suit a more formal or upperclass event that i think your talking about anyway thats my 2 cents go with ur heart!!!
  3. the purse is beautiful... and depending on what u wear at ur dinners, it could go quite well and jazz up a one-colour outfit for instance. however, having said that, i think it probably is not as classic as say the honfleur in epi, which i feel is alot more versatile and elegant. :smile: hope tt helps, good luck! :smile:
  4. I use my white MC THEDA as an evening bag.
  5. i reallly like the look of the shirley. i'm so tempted to go down today and just buy it, but i'm not sure how much use i will get out of it being as its so constructed and small! i def. think you could use it as a nice evening clutch!
  6. Absolutely! I love the black MC Shirley!
  7. out of all the MC bags i think the shirley is the favorite.....the other bags can be a little too bold for me, but i think they size and detailin gon the shirley makes it a great understate little bag, both for evening use and everyday use......i wanted to get this for myself until i saw it IRL and saw just how little it would hold (and coming from me that's surprising since i love little bags and think the pochette is a relatively big bag :lol:)
  8. The Shirley Is In A Class Of It's Own! It's Absolutely Beautiful!
  9. I love the s-lock clasp on the front! To me, the MC looks better on small things (wapity, wallet, etc.) beacuse the color doesn't overwhelm it.