Is the Multicolore Aurelia being discontinued???

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  1. So I went to visit the boutique this weekend to try on the Multicolore Aurelia's (MM & GM). They had none in the store and a very helpful SA told me that they hadn't received a shipment of Aurelia's in any size for 3 months. She also said that they haven't gotten any info from corporate regarding whether it was discontinued or not. A quick search of U.S. based LV's yielded only one MM about 300 miles away & 2 GM's located all the way across the country. Also, it's sold out/not available online on both elux & What the heck is going on???

    I would be so sad if LV decided not to make this bag anymore :sad:. I need an overnight type tote & this would be a gorgeous one to have. Please folks, if you have any info as to whether Aurelia has been axed or just put on hold, let me know. TIA.
  2. I did recently buy the wht aurelia mm back in february. I had to buy the display model and was told that there were like only 30 left in the system. I continued to look in the DC area (4 LVS) hoping to exchange it for a newer one, but had no luck. I took it with me on vacation to California and Vegas in March and probably visited 6 different LVS and they were all completely out. (Rodeo Drive did have one GM on display). The SA told me that it wasnt discontinued, but they were not making anymore right now and that they were focusing on the more popular or demanded styles. I ended up just keeping the display model which looked good; the handles had turned a little already, but would have anyway. I just love this bag. (It holds a lot and is the mm) I already own the wht MC speedy, trouville and pochette and really wasnt sure if I should purchase this one, but am so glad I did. It is the perfect bag for weekend travels! Call the LV number and maybe they can have one shipped to you. It will probably be a while before they restock. Good Luck!
  3. I was told it was MAYBE going to be discontinued and a lot of warmer climates had them when I searched for one in NYC during december! how weird!
  4. I really want a White MM and have noticed that none of my local LV's have any in stock. I even asked about it and was told the same thing as the others. It is not discontinued but they just don't have any more.
  5. I want the GM in white It think...

    i'll take black tho haha
  6. Thanks for sharing your info, all! Now that I've realized that Aurelia GM is like near impossible to find, I'm becoming more desperate to own one...funny how that happens. I've been waiting for the MC Beverly but I think I may prefer the larger size and simpler lines of the Aurelia instead. Perhaps I'll get lucky. :rolleyes:
  7. I just purchase the Aurelia bag in the LV store in Short Hills Mall, NJ, but it was the last one. It's a lovely black. The inventory found one in Boston Copley and Bar Harbour. It's still possible to locate, but very hard.
  8. ^^^I was able to find a white one in April:nuts: so I'm all set. Still not sure whether this bag is being discontinued or just not being produced for a time.
  9. This is so strange! No definitive answer on whether it's being discontinued or not :confused1:. I have the GM and have been contemplating on getting the MM too... maybe I shouldn't wait! I don't want it to be gone forever and stuck with Ebay as my only option :Push:.
  10. Has anyone emailed They may be able to tell you if it's discontinued
  11. I just spoke with LV and it is in fact discontinued, along with the MC keepall

    There are less than 10 of each color in the GM and I didnt enquire about the MM since I want the GM.
  12. so they have discontinued the keepall now I really wanted a MC pegase and a keepall to match but I'm not buying a keepall just in case they ever decide to do a pegase

    Have you made your decision yet Matt? you seem pretty sold on the Aurelia lol
  13. Wow I thought the MC Keepall was long discontinued since I haven't seen one for ages!! Aurelia is d/c??? Then I'm glad I got mine last year :s
  14. Thanks for confirming that Matt7474:smile:. I had a feeling this was going to happen.
  15. You are welcome!

    As for my decision? naaaa not a clue what I am going to decide on haha!

    it will be a spur of the moment I am sure!