Is the multicolor collection like the cherry collection? rare?

  1. I am wondering if the multcolor collection is like a rare collection or is like the cherry collection. Why is it more expensive than the normal logo monogram canvas? I aam so interested in that small wapity white multicolor case which is like around 300, does anyone have a picture of it? thanks ;)
  2. Hello. I'm pretty sure that most of the MC collection is still available, where as the Cherry Items are quite rare, deffinatly an eBay (or other auction sites) only kinnda thing.

    I'm certain you can still get the wapity in LV stores :smile:
  3. lol just realised when you said picture that you ment one that somebody actually owns! lol i can be so silly sometimes. I think they are lovely little cases but i dont own :sad: how ever now i wish i did, they are so cute!
  4. Do a'll see plenty of pics of the wapity.
  5. Multicolour is permanent collection. it is a bit more expensive because the process of screenprinting over 30 different colours takes longer than just one colour.
  6. I love the MC line. They are not limited edition though. But I know the Griet, which comes out this November, will be limited edition. I want to know how it looks before putting my name down for the waiting list, but I can't find it anywhere.
  7. OIC. I knew it was a permanent collection, but I too was wondering why MC was sooo much more expensive than regular mono. Know I know. thanx for the info
  8. so is this Griet a MC line, if so, I would be so interested to see how it looks like
  9. cherry was limited the multicolore is a regular line
  10. Multicolore is also more expensive due to Takashi Murakami's contract payments/copyright, etc.!
  11. MC is not a limited edition, it's a permanent collection. But I didn't know why it's so expensive.. now I know! Thanks for the info!
  12. Thanks ya'll i guess iknow why its expensive now! lolz!