Is the multi stripe tote still available in stores?

  1. Hi fellow coach lovers.. I need to know if the multi stripe is still available in stores? They've been removed from

    And are they classified as summer items?

  2. I saw some multi striped straw bags at the outlet but not the other ones. You could call the 800 and see if they are available. I think someone said a delete is coming up soon so they may be going.
  3. Hi! Thanks for the fast response.. I'm actually referring to this bag and not the straw ones:


    Won't be able to call cos I'm not living in the US.
  4. I saw this bag at Nordstroms tonight, but not at the full price Coach store. Sorry...
  5. Alright thanks alot Kilala..
  6. I would try calling JAX. It was recently deleted off the floorset so it is no longer in stores.