Is the multi mini HL discontinued?

  1. It's not in the Catalogue on anymore...
  2. I think so. I've never seen it on the UK website.
  3. Oh yeah that's long gone they may still be some floating around stock room somewhere I know there are approx 3 mono one's left in UK don't know about the MC
  4. Wow, I never knew! But it's such a cute style, they need to bring it back!
  5. That's too bad, I was hoping they'd make it in both damier ebene and azur ... it'd be so cute!
  6. I tried to SO the damier azur in France, and my SA asked for me and the reply from the craftsmen was that for the following year it's not possible. I asked if it would be possible later and the SA said, maybe...
  7. awwie.......i wanted to get teh white one to match my mono onnee :[
  8. Last time I checked it was still available on line in the Japanese online boutique, have you tried to check it?
    I think it's a long time, more than 1 year, that it is not available at French store.
  9. I was sad when I first heard that they were going to discontinue it... it's sooo cute!
  10. ITA agree with you, John! It's a great starter bag!
    Does the japanese online boutique ship wordwide? The french one only ships in France, and elux only ships in America...
  11. Danae, I took a look at japanese boutique and it's def discontinued because it's not available here anymore, sorry - I thought it was so cute too, it's a pity! :sad:
    I saw a white one a UK eBay mypoupette seller if you are interested.
  12. my sa said there are discontinued
  13. I saw them on Elux earlier today.
  14. It was my daughters first LV. It was really really small!
  15. Its not a great seller, The Monogram was like $330 or more, you could do double and get at least 5x the bag and get a speedy 30!