Is the Mulberry Bayswater Picadilly too big to carry as a handbag??

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  1. Hi all....I'm new to Mulberry and want a bayswater and I wonder if the bayswater picadilly is too big to carry as a handbag, i wouldn't fill it and i like big bags but would this be too big?? Does anyone have a picture of the bag next to them or carrying one?? I'm looking for my first mulberry and any help from knowledgeable Mulberry owners would be much appreciated.

    Also can someone tell me what a good price is for a used bayswater in like new condition.
  2. ^^ after more research i see that mulberry offers a large bayswater.....i will get that one.

  3. Welcome and post pics when you get it!!!!
  4. Welcome! I am new to the Mulberry forum, as well. I'd love to see modeling pics of you with your larger Bayswater; I've been curious about that bag myself. :smile:
  5. thanks ladies, i think i will wait till i see one in black and post it to be authenticated or get one from neimans or saks during the sales.....keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. I finally had the chance to try on a large Bayswater - and even though I'm tall, I don't think I would carry that as an everyday bag. It looks more like an overnight bag (if not quite a weekend bag), or a gym bag if I would ever dream of taking such a nice bag to a gym. The regular Bays is still the perfect handbag size for me.
  7. I also think that the large bayswater is perfect for an overnight bag, or holdall type thing when flying. Even if you were tall, I'm just not sure it would work successfully as a handbag? I do think it would work well during the day if you had loads to lug around, but to me it would always look more like a holdall than a handbag, if that makes sense?

    I've been lusting after a piccadilly for the longest time now (to use when travelling), and actually I think I'd go for the large bayswater now instead. The piccadilly is actually huuuuuge, and I'm not sure that my 5'4'' frame could cope, even if it was only half full :nuts:
  8. Hey aggie, don't know if you saw my other post, but i just sold my piccadilly because it swamped me and was so heavy to carry around i'd ache all over the next day! i love oversized bags and fell in love with it at first sight 4 years ago, so was delirious when i finally got it, and heartbroken to part with it, but that's how impractical it was... was going to buy the larger bays to replace it, but its really only marginally smaller, so got a bays instead, which i love :heart: hope that helps!
  9. thanks soooo much for all your comments ladies....i've decided i will go with a regular bays too.....i think i have gone through enough torture with heavy bags....thanks for all of your help!
  10. YAY!!! I think you will love the regular sized Bays!!! What color????
  11. lol, i'm going to be quite boring and say black...i DO NOT have a black bag....actually shocking for me to say.... i have a fendi b bag in black, but i don't use it as much because i don't like it and now i'm trying to sell it for a bayswater....i think this will be the perfect bag and then maybe later i will look for one in a teal or some color....i have interviews soon too and i can't go to them without a nice serious black bag that i can throw files a water bottle and everything else into.... thanks for all your help're very kind!
  12. I saw a pic of a model holding the Picadilly in denim & it came down to her bum! Enormous.
  13. haha....yes i think it would be too big to use as an everyday bag, but maybe a weekend bag would work.....i shall keep them in mind for that
  14. Black Bays is pure class!! You will love it!!! You could always tie a little scarf on it for some added color.
  15. I totally agree kroquet, i will do that....but now i have to FIND a black bays! wish me luck!