Is the Mount St boutique in London open on Sundays?

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  1. Does anyone happen to know? I've tried calling them but nobody is answering the phone! And I am far too impatient to keep on trying to call... :graucho:

    TIA x
  2. i don't know but if you give me the number i'll call too! i have nothing better to do.

    isn't it insane that the mount st boutique costs £162,500 a year in rent?
  3. okay i got through. they are closed on sundays.
  4. Awww nutbags - thanks for calling them for me though! Maybe it was because I was calling during lunch hours that noone was answering?

    I was tempted to come up for a little nosey on Sunday since someone has bid on my Laponos now so I will definitely sell them (and therefore can definitely start looking for the replacement pair!) :P Not sure whether just Selfridges will provide enough of a CL fix to warrent the journey up?
  5. between selfridges, harrods and harvey nics you should be okay!
  6. Holy lord! That seems like a LOT. That's $311,332.69 USD! 30k a month! Whoa.. I wonder if the Madison Ave boutique is that much.
    If you think about it though. They really only have to sell 60-80 pairs of shoes to break even on the rent. I bet they do that in a weekend.
  7. mount street is the new, flagship store isn't it? If it costs that much to rent, it makes you wonder how much it would have costed just to buy the store outright?! :wtf:
  8. such is life in mayfair i'm afraid!!! sorry i'm in the property biz so i know random tidbits like this! (and it came up in my google search for the mount st boutique)
  9. I'm not surprised about the rent...our rent this year is super crazy as well -_-"