Is The Motorola Razr as good as they say it is?

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  1. Is The Motorola Razr as good as they say it is?

    Do you have one? What do you think? What's the best cell phone out there in your opinion?
  2. I haven't been all that impressed with mine. I can't place my finger on particulars, I'm just not a fan of it and sort of wish I had gotten something else...however, at the time there was nothing that I really liked so I just figured I'd get it since it was supposed to be so great. I mean, it isn't bad, I just don't think it is any better than other phones.

    Oh, well, the one plus is the size...its nice and convenient in smaller purses.
  3. i've been told that the 3g one is better than the current one - but NZ is always behind in phones etc... so i could be like out of date with my answer!
  4. The Razr is very stylish and thin but that's about it. The keys are hard to press (God forbid if you have nails!), the address book sucks, and the phone always feels so slippery, like I'm about to drop it. Also, it takes a long time getting used to it as the menus and stuff are not intuitive at all.

    That being said, if I had to do it all over again I would still get it just for the looks, but it's nothing spectacular for a phone.
  5. Guess it depends on what you'r looking for,
    I have the motorola rokr phone and LOVE IT
    the only thing i wasnt happy about is i went from flip phone to this open face phone .. but hey you cant have everything

  6. I like mine, but I don't use it to it's full potential. I'm a techno phobe
  7. I just like it because its thin and has a loop for my cell charm :lol: I dont think its the best out there by any stretch. The best IMO are those Vertu phones :love: Thats on the list right after birkin.
  8. I have a Razr- it works well, reception is good, and it fits perfectly in my Wapity leaving room for my other goodies. It is my service that sucks... Cingular has not been good to me!!
  9. I like mine. I have had no problems. I like the slimness of it. I also enjoy all the features.

  10. I agree... I have the pink one, and it's good just for the basics. I think if you use a lot of advanced tools, maybe you should get a different phone. However, the pink razr phone is so cute!! I love mine.
  11. I have one in black, I cant wait to sell it!! Its too slippery, and easy to drop it.. I only like the design, thats all!
  12. I find the functions kind of boring, it looks good.. and that's about it.
  13. I guess I wont be buying that RAZR after all.....
  14. I have the Silver Razr. I haven't had problem with it so far. Loving it.
  15. I just got the slvr l6 (w/o itunes ), and i like that one ... it basically th razr but not a flip
    I didnt like the razr it just something about it