Is the montorguiel LE

  1. My title pretty much speaks for itself ~ Anyone know if the montorguiel is LE or going to be part of the perm. line?
  2. Suppose to be part of perm. line release in the US on March 1 along with the eva
  3. permanent. unless it does horribly bad after release. but it should be around for at least 6 months if it does bad.
  4. Permanent.
  5. I saw the pics of this bag in the other thread - but is it online anywhere?
    Do you think it will be so popular that being on a waitlist is a smart idea?
  6. Yes, I think it's a good idea if you want to get one when it's first released. If you don't mind waiting, I think the momentum will slow down and it will eventually become mainstream. Me, I'm anxious and waitlisted for both sizes back in December.
  7. I've waitlisted as well!
    I can't wait for its release!
  8. Only 1 week to go!!!!