Is the monogram shawl too big on a 5'2" person?

  1. To all you LV lovers who own a Monogram Shawl...

    I'm considering getting one in black, but I'm only 5'2" tall & medium build.... would this shawl look too big on me? I saw one of the members yeuxhonnetes post pics of her wearing the shawl & it looked magnificent on her! but then of course, she's tall & have a nice slim figure...

    those of you who are vertically challenged like me & have a shawl, please post pics so I have an idea what it would look like... ;)

    any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. i'm only 5'4", by the way, so that's not much taller than you are :lol:. i think the shawl will look good on anyone, regardless of height. it's not going to envelope you because you have to fold it into a triangle to wear it anyway :yes:
  3. It´s a gorgeous shawl and I agree, size doesn´t matter.
  4. Go for it... Shawls are awesome , I agree w/Sandra-
  5. To me 5-2 and 5-4 are almost the same height and proportions, I think you should get it. It is such a classic piece that will never go out of style, and you can wear with anything. It's on my bday girft request list!
  6. Yea, I agree with everyone here. You can always fold it smaller if you wish to, though I think it will still look great either way. I LOVE the shawl..! :P
  7. It's so versatile, it'll look good no matter what!
  8. thanks everyone for responding!!! now I will ring to place my order!!! :yahoo: will keep you guys posted!!!