Is the monogram perfectly symetrical for speedy?

  1. My speedy 30 finally arrived today! I am so excited about my first LV purchase!

    But there is one thing that confuses me?
    It seems that the monogram is not perfectly symetrical from side to side? (check the third /fifth row)

    :confused1: :confused1: Is it OK?
  2. it looks like it's due to the crease...
  3. I can't see anything wrong with it.................. maybe the crease is giving the illusion.
  4. Same here..the creases will come out with use though. So it'll be fine.
  5. it seems fine!
  6. i think it looks fine
  7. Thanks for the replies! :smile:

    It is definitely not due to the crease.

    I took 2 photoes on both sides and the asymmetry is very obvious. They simply cut the canvas at different positions on two sides.

    Is this usual? :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    left.JPG right.JPG
  8. that's normal. Bother if the LVs are cut off. It looks perfect. don't worry congrats!!
  9. Looks ok to me.
  10. i think it looks great! oh, and congrats!
  11. It's definitely fine. Due to the width of the canvas piece, there isn't really a way to make sure each side has the exact same amount of design showing.
  12. they are not perfect. they are handmade. god bless.
  13. i guess its because of the shape of the bag. i noticed what you were referring to.
  14. Looks fine to me.
  15. I got the new wallet (pochette wallet mono) also facing the same problem but I return it for exchange, but when the time my SA showed me a few new wallet to choose, I noticed that also the same, my SA told me that the reason is because this is handmade products, nothing is very perfect, only the replica will do the 100% perfect symetrical, so don't worry about that, may b u can return it to the shop and ask for exchange...

    p/s : finally I also exchange SA was good to me, she let me choose the best one....:rolleyes: