Is the Monogram Mini Accessories Pouch worth it?

  1. I'm looking for a small bag to carry out with me when I go out at night, dancing, dinner etc so that I only have to carry my essentials like a wallet and keys.

    Is the Monogram Mini Accessories Pouch worth it? Does anyone have it? I'm not sure whether it's too small or not.

    Here's the link from eluxury:

    Or does anyone have any other recommendations for a small bag?

    Thank you!

  2. I personally think it's worth every penny! I have a azur mini pochette and i just :heart: it to death. It can hold a lot then you think. I am just waiting for the damier T&B now (which will be a LONG wait).

    GET IT GET IT!!!:graucho:
  3. Def the perfect piece for going out. The gold chain really makes it stand out and look classy!

    I can fit my cell phone, keys, credit cards, cash, lip gloss and maybe a few more items without forcing the zipper to close.
  4. I love mine!! I mainly use it for my camera, but I have used it on a night out and at the zoo. :smile:
  5. I actually tried this today, I love the gold chain - v glam but for me it was just too small:crybaby:
  6. Thanks guys! I saw the small damier azur and damier pochettes but I didn't like the look or feel of them.
    Do you know if the mono canvas feels nice?
    They didn't have any in stock at the boutique, which is why I'm asking, so they put me down on their waitlist.
  7. I would personally go for the regular pochette. The price isnt much different, but you get alot more for your money.
  8. I have both, the mini pochette with chain in the ergualr monogram as well as the damier. they both feel identical. If you did not like the feel of the Damier one, you would not like the feel of the mono one since they are made identically. I love mine, for they hold more than you would expect and they also lllok great as a purse charm, hanging on the outside of a larger pure. I also think it would be great to carry cell phone, $ and license, a few cosmetic pieces, and ones keys!
  9. I have both the Mini Pochette and the regular Pochette in Damier and I wouldn't use them as a going out bag, because I always carry way too much stuff. I absolutely adore my Mini Pochette, the chain is just so cute.
  10. I have the Damier Mini and I love it! I use it as an evening bag and a cosmetic bag.
  11. I have both too and I really like them. The mono loops nicely onto a beltloop in case you don't feel like carrying the pochette around too!
  12. Hmmm...I really do love the chain on the mini pochette but I guess I should check out the regular pochette as well.
    Decisions, decisions:p
    Thanks everyone for their input.
  13. Yep, the regular pochette accessories is my favorite! I carry it in my speedy for my makeup, but then dump it out and use it for a little evening bag, too. It is fabulous!
  14. YES!!!!!!! I have the monogram Mini Pochette. Its worth every dime lol. I got mine pre-owned, but was in excellent new condition. When I'm not using my Speedy, I use my mini for going to movies, or concerts, just for the essentials like cell phone, ect. :smile:
  15. I have the Damier Mini Accessories Pouch and LOVE it! I just bought it recently and thought it would be something nice to replace my makeup bag in my purse. But I absolutely love it even more than I thought I would ... and I think it's very versatile.

    Here's a link to another thread about the mini pouches. I have posted photos in that thread that shows how much you could fit into one (to give you an idea).

    I would actually love to get the same one you posted as well so I have it in both Damier and Monogram.