Is the monogram canvas the most popular and timeless out of the LV collection?

  1. Relatively new to LV so I thought that my first 2 LV bags should be monogram canvas (one shoulder and one hand helded bag) and was wondering if the mono canvas is the more timeless out of the LV collections? Love vernis, daimer, epi and suhali but, wanted classic and timeless has well so thought that the mono canvas was the place to start. Anyone with thoughts on this????
  2. yeah you're right, the monogram canvas has been around since my grandmother's time. But LV damier, epi, suhali...i believe they will be timeless also...especially b/c of their classic designs.
  3. i think that monogram, damier, epi, and suhali are all timeless. the damier pattern was actually created BEFORE the monogram.
  4. start with a monocanvas or damier.

    And make it a style you absolutly love.
  5. I would say both the Mono and Damier are timeless (as far as will probbaly ALWAYS be made). But the epi and suhali collections are gorgeous and will probably never go out of style.

    Although to be honest I have never seen an LV bag that I thought was out of style!?!
  6. Damier was actually the first LV patterned canvas, it is timeless too.
  7. daimer is nice too but, thought has a newbie mono canvas was the way to go..would love the papillion in the daimer 30...ohhh so nice
  8. I love both the mono and damier.

    I think the mono is gorgeous but I love how the damier is more durable.

    I plan on adding an Epi piece to my collection some day:smile:
  9. Damier was first but that the mono line is the most recognized.
  10. definetly!
  11. Yes, I think the Monogram is the most popular and timeless out of the LV collection. I think the Damier is, too. It's funny because when I first decided to start collecting LV, I loathed the Mono pattern and swore I would never get it. In fact, I almost asked to have the Marelle Sac a Dos SO in Damier, but I've actually fallen in love with the Mono print. I love that it goes so well with practically everything in my wardrobe.

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    My thought was the same with my first LV bag. If you're a newbie, one must get a Mono first. But the Damier will always be timeless and classic.

    I love my Damier Pap 30 and I know you would too! It comes with the accessory pouch! :yes:
  13. in my opinion...i think the damier is more timeless than the monogram..but i do agree that both of them are timeless..
  14. I think damier is just as classic. I don't think it makes a difference whether you're a newbie or not. You don't have to start with a mono speedy IMO, you can start with whatever bag floats your boat.
  15. They both are classic....