is the mono rubis show piece or seasonal

  1. hello, i was just wondering is the rubis like limmited(show piece or seasonal)
    because i really want one for my b-day but thats in may!! will they be around, only coz i just spent $4500 and dont want to freak out my hubby straight away?
    does anyone know?
  2. They MAY still be around if they aren't very popular. Hpwever they are limited as a part of the 2007 cruise collection. As time goes by it'll get harder and harder to track one down.
  3. They didn't make many of them, they are not numbered so I don't have an exact number to give you but I HIGHLY doubt in may they will still be around. Its part of the Cruise collectiom (correct me if I am wrong) then s/s will soon come after that, most likely meaning cruise will dissapear.
  4. it's not exactly seasonal... and like others have said, it's part of the Cruise Collection. If you want one get one NOW! they are extremely limited to my knowledge cuz our boutique in Montreal (which has the highest sales in Canada) only received one and it was immediately sold.
  5. It is a Limited collection. My best guess is by May (6 months away) it would be sold out.
  6. get it now, just like all the seasonal collections it'll disappear once spring/summer rolls around.