Is the MJ made of what?

  1. My MJ signature leather faridah is made in China! I bought it at Duty Free Shop (Guam):wtf:
  2. Only Marc Jacobs Collection pieces are made in Italy. The Marc by Marc Jacobs line is made in China, Indonesia, etc.
  3. Faridah should be made in China, since it's a MBMJ bag. No worries here!
  4. Yeap, I've seen MbyMJ bags which are made in Indonesia and China and it is on a white or black small canvas tag sewn at corner of one side of the bag. Dont worry, your bag is authentic. If you are worried about the authenticity, maybe you can take some photos and raise your queries in "Authentic this MJ" thread. The MJ experts here can help you out! :yes:
  5. Thanks you so much I also post my MJ pics at that thread (Marisa Bag)Post pic of your MJ:tup:
  6. ^ Can't wait to see it!
  7. sorry its only marc by marc jacobs marisa bag I hope you gonna like it