Is the Miu Miu bow bag is available in the small size this season? (pic inside)

  1. All the new ones I've seen online and in pics seem to be the medium size or bigger.

    I have the small one from spring, it was $975. The measurements are 6½"H X 12½L X 4½W.

    I'm attaching a pic of the small one I have.

    Any info would be great! Thanks!
    Bows Miu Miu Dior.jpg
  2. small size is still available..I saw i NM and Saks
  3. Does the small one come with a messenger strap?
  4. yes it does...and you can make the strap shorter so you can use you use it in 3 ways which is so cool
  5. Thanks! I think this is a really good size! But I dont see it on NM or Saks online.
  6. Justified, the ones available on the website are not in the same size (see dimensions) as the one post by lina above. That is why we said we have not seen the small one around.
    The white one on NM is the satchel (medium sized) while the barney's one is the vit lux shopper (large).
    Are you still sure you have seen the small one and that it comes with a messenger strap?
  7. the one I saw at Saks (brown and black were available last week) has messenger strap.
    As far as I know bow satchel has two sizes (at least what I have seen IRL) long/taller one launched this new season.
    Dimensions: 14 1/2"W X 11"H for the small one
    and barneys has the larger one but doesn't have the dimensions..some of the magazines had the small one pictured but put the little extra part (which writes miu miu) they put it up..maybe that is causing confussion
    like in this one:

    Anyways,Sorry If i caused any confussion :shrugs::s
  8. You can see that the size is quite different. Maybe Lina can clarify.
  9. Yes, sorry for the delay. I believe last season there were only the short sizes.

    The one on still available (white one) was the medium size available for $1050. I think the one on Barneys, Styledrops, and Net-a-porter are the medium sizes, the price may gave gone up a bit.

    The one at (the tall one), I think is new to this fall/winter.

    Last season, I believe there were only the small ones (which I have pictured) for $975, and then the medium ones (ie the one that is on

    Thanks for your help ladies! I think that it's probably not available in the small size this season like the one I have.