Is the mini pochette's size enough as evening bag?

  1. Was wondering if the mini pochette can fit essentials and can be used as an evening bag. I dont carry much when i go out to parties. I just carry my cel phone, cles with a few bills and a credit card, and lipstick. I have a regular pochette but the chain on the mini makes it look really elegant to be used for social events. Suggestions anyone?
  2. Would you mind if I asked another question for your thread? I wanted to know whether the chain on it is long enough to fit on the shoulder? TIA!
  3. If you're only carrying a tiny amount of stuff, which it sounds like you will be, then the mini should work well. :yes:
  4. Thanks! Will try it on at the store and check if its long enough to fit on the shoulder.
  5. It will work as a great evening bag.

    I carry mine all the time. I put my DL, CC, cash, cell and lipgloss in it.
  6. I've used it as one and found it to be a bit small, actually. You might like the regular pochette better.
  7. i love this as an evening bag/going out bag. you can adjust the chain so it can be a wristet or a small handbag- unless you are supertiny, i don't think that this would be a shoulder bag. i've used it to go to dinner, theater, etc. it holds my cell, ccs, cash, lipgloss just fine! superuseful bag, imo!
  8. its big enough for me. I actually like the size better than the regular pouchette for going out, because then I can just fit my cc and $ comfortably in the mini pouchette, where as in the regular pouchette I have to carry a small wallet.
  9. Wow! Gotta get one soon this week! Thanks ladies!:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Yes if those are the only stuff you carry and if your cellphone is small-medium. It can also be used as a wristlet but too small to fit on the shoulder. Hope this helps :smile:
  11. I went to the LV store and attached an extender( gold key ring) to the chain to make it longer and it looked so fine! Fits perfectly on the shoulder with the extender on!
  12. this size mini pochette?
    TChold2.jpg TChold1.jpg
  13. Mini is cute. I carry my Ipod Video and Headphones in mine. It should fit the items that you posted. It won't, however, fit on your shoulder. Some TPFers bought the chain that's used on the accordion wallet with their regular pochette to jazz it up. Gives the same effect as the mini.

    You can see my trunks and bags in my avatar. It is a perfect fit on my 17 month old.
  14. Omg You Avatar Is Toooooo Cute!
  15. Yup! Thats it! That mini-pochette! It looked so lovely on the shoulder with the extender on! I couldnt believe it would even work!