Is the mini-mini coin purse coming back?

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  1. I read somewhere on here about a rumor that the mini-mini will be back for pre-Fall? Does anyone know if there's any truth to the rumor?

    If so I'd be in trouble as I LONG for these little guys.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. ^^ Oh wow!! I hope that rumor is true!!!
  3. I'd go BROKE if that rumor is true....!!! BUT I STILL HOPE IT IS!
  4. That would be fantastic! Maybe "E" knows?

    I've always wondered why there aren't more new accessory releases since they're so popular!
  5. I really hope so! The mini-mini cp is so cute :heart:
  6. Oh, I hope this is true!
  7. I thought I read somewhere that she said it wasn't true? Or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly....

    It would be great if they brought it back, I love mine, it is the cutest little accessory!!
  8. I think this is just a rumor...but I hope I'm wrong!
  9. there goes beaux again... stirring up rumors ;) (I hope it's true too. :shame:smile:
  10. Let's hope this rumor is ture I wanted that pistachio mini on ebau a week ago but I am not paying over retail for nay bag!
  11. ^^You and me both sister! :heart: *sigh*

    and ladybugfreckle is right - I'm hoping my wishing makes it so!!!!
  12. :tup:Amen! How mcuh did they retail for?

    Did you see the apple green work for $4100 on fleabay yikes! But great for the seller!!!!
  13. Anymore news on this?? Really hope they can at least bring out an equivalent!
  14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that is is true!
  15. ^^Me too!