Is the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene still out in the market?

  1. Hi, I am really liking the speedy mini lin ebene but can't find it online in either eluxury or Is it still available in stores? Or has the nwe mini lin cruise collection replaced it? Please let me know where I can get the bag. I have only checked online so far, though. Thanks! :shame:
  2. Hi, yes its still available, I suggest calling 866 vuitton and having them locate you one. the Cruise collection is seasonal so wont be around long :smile:
  3. I wonder why they took it off the website?
  4. Yes it is still in stores. ( I have 2 LV in my city and both of them have it, cute bag btw!)
  5. I saw them at all 4 LV's I went to this weekend.
  6. I think the elux just pictures the Dune, but the ebene is the color that's actually in stock online.