is the mini lin dune

  1. stain resistant? i love the light fabric, but it frightens me...
  2. Yes, it is pretreated. I have a dune one and I asked my SA that same question. He said you could spray it with a fabric protector as well. I'm planning to spray mine with Shining Monkey later before I take it out.
  3. Its pre treated but does not mean you can go crazy with it though. I still got stains on mine somehow :smile:
    It will just be easier to clean.
  4. ^I agree ... being pretreated doesn't mean that it's completely protected from stains and dirt but I'm the type that takes very good care of her bags regardless of whether it's leather or fabric. The dune speedy is definitely not an everyday bag for me ... it's for those days when I know I'm not going to be around any red wine or red sauces! LOL
  5. It's pretreated, but it can still get stained... just take REALLY good care of it if you get it! It's a beautiful bag!!!
  6. Yip pretreated but still "Handle with care"
  7. i think bag is so cute. how much sagging does this have compared to monogram speedy?
  8. ^Think it sags the same as the Mini Lin ebene. I find the Monogram coating tends to get softer after it relaxes from heat and use.
  9. The dune is a lovely color
  10. i think it is worth all of the extra care IMO., its gorgeous!