Is the mini ellipse discontinued?

  1. Hi, just wondering if the mini ellipse is discontinued? It's not on elux currently? I saw one on eBay w/ a 2006 datecode. This is the bag/clutch that is the smallest ellipse made with the wristlet strap(selling point for me). thanks for any info.
  2. No, I don't believe so. They have one at my local LV
  3. Check directly at LV store or via their 866 phone number. Elux doesn't always have all items in stock.
  4. i saw one at fashion show mall lv boutique last wednesday.
  5. There are a good few items on elux that are out of stock, yet still appear in store and on the LV website. :smile:
  6. Thanks all. I'm deciding between this and a mono recital. I'm leaning more towards the recital anyways.