Is the Mia Tooooo Heavy?

  1. Hi-I am thinking about the Kooba Mia. I love the look but I think it may be too heavy. Thank you! My first post:smile:
  2. I have one and while I have found that most Kooba bags are heavier than other brands - you get used to it.

    I love the look and style of my Mia. Peggy
  3. I had one and I thought it was fairly heavy but unless a bag is really really weighty, I am used ot it.

    I just didn't find the shoulder straps very comfy and the bag seemed a little bulky to me. If you are looking on eBay, be careful. There had been alot of fakes made of these bags. The look of the leather is the sign to look for. Last year someone had posted a side by side of a real one and fake one and it was pretty hard to tell. Post it on the Authentication thread if you find one.
    There is a real nice one on eBay now by a good seller. I think it's 390.00 BIN.
  4. Thank you for your responses. I had owned the Sienna which is about 3 lbs, the same as the Mia. The problem with the Sienna was I felt it was more of a handbag than a shoulderbag, which I prefer. I also like it's kinda Western look(some say biker look?). I am familiar with the eBay listing and I am trying to figure this out before it closes. Thanks again!