is the medium size peggy reminiscent of the older classic double handled bamboo bags?

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  1. i am debating whether to purchase a medium sized peggy in black canvas, or try to hold out and get a vintage double handled bamboo bag (not sure of the style name). just curious, does anyone else think these styles are very similar?
  2. applecandy, if you're referring to the double handled bamboo bag in my signature, then I would say, YES, the Peggy (especially the large one) is very reminiscent of the double handled bamboo bag I have. That's actually what is making me think twice about getting the Peggy, cuz it looks so much like it.

    Love the Peggy, though, cuz it has that cute shoulder strap. Lately, I've been really into bags that have the extra shoulder strap along with the handles you can nestle in the crook of your arm.
  3. thanks tifferz :smile:, i am definitely referring to your gorgeous bags!!! i am sooo short, i am considering getting the black canvas peggy in medium, why did all the large ones go on sale & not mine! (ugh!)

    i see you just posted a cute bamboo you found from eBay, maybe i can get it authenticated and then get that one instead (or in addition--ha ha!)
  4. It definitely reminds me of the older bamboo. I love the peggy! If you like it get it!