Is the "medium" classic flap one size below the Jumbo?

  1. I'm confused because my SA refers to the $1595 Classic Flap I got as the "large." Is it called the "medium" or is there actually a large that is one size smaller than the Jumbo? TIA! :smile:
  2. I copied these from the Reference Library.

  3. I was confused about this as well (maybe I am still confused lol). From what I understand, the $1595 is the large, which is 10 in across, and the next size up is the jumbo which is 12 in across. To me, when you look at the two together, the large seems like a medium size to me . . . but these is no size in between although I looked at the dimensions in the ref forum and it looks like reissues come in a 11 in size ?
  4. Thanks bag.lover! Handbagdreamer -I have the same issue, when I look at my bag next to the Jumbo it seems like there's quite a difference. Oh well, it is what it is. Thank you again!!
  5. Okay - so I guess there is no large in the classic. Cleared that one up lol. (It is confusing right, it's not just me? lol)
  6. The "medium" is sometimes referred to as the large, however the measurements are the same.
  7. My SA also refers to it as large, but alot of people on the forum refer to it as medium so I just say med/large when I'm referring to the 10 x 6 size. :smile:
  8. I like that idea - that way there is no mystery what happened to the large lol :yes:
  9. Exactly - medium and large are the same thing and refer to the double flap style.
  10. i found that easier to just state the $1595, but may not be the case now after the price increase
  11. Well at least it does make more sense that now there is a $300 difference with the Medium flap and the jumbo flap. Before it was only $100 difference but Jumbo was so much bigger. Im sure some people felt compelled to get the larger simply to get more bag for their money.
  12. that was exactly how i felt when i bought my jumbo. i just couldnt resist the deal!
  13. I felt compelled to get the jumbo because the med/large is too small for me to carry my stuff during the day . . . I think the bag looks better in the med/large size . . .
  14. me2, and so i ordered the jumbo on 1/31 to cherish the awesome $100 difference
  15. it would be good if we have a thread with the article number as well so to make things less confusing...i know classic starts with A01112 Y01558 or it would be easier for us all when purchasing a classic in the future..and not be confused by the small/med/large/ etc subject..can anyone enlighten me? thankssss.