Is the MC Trouville Heavy?

  1. Is the MC trouville heavy compared to a speedy 30??? Thanks for your help:shame:
  2. It's so small I wouldn't think it would be heavy.
  3. no, it's not as heavy
  4. about 2 times heavier than speedy mono

    but so much lighter than speedy mc :smile:
  5. compared to the mc speedy NO!
  6. Very much lighter than the MC Speedy!
  7. much lighter than MC speedy
  8. mc speedy is so much heavier!! but it looks better than the trouville.. been thinking about getting it in black.. :smile:..Rica, go get the speedy! lolz :smile:
  9. nope, but if you usually don't carry your purse by hand... this may bother you cuz the handles are super small