Is the MC Speedy still in style?

  1. I know I'm on a ban, but when I get off I'm thinking about the MC Speedy. Back when Jessica Simpson was carrying it on her show I saw tons of them (more fake than real ones) and wasn't really interested. But now for some reason I am really wanting one. So I'd like to get some opinions...TIA!
  2. It's a beautiful bag, and beauty is always in style. I've seen women of all ages rockin' this great bag. If you love it and feel that you'll wear it - go try it on and see if it fits your personal sense of style.
  3. yes i think it's still in style, but you're right, when the newlyweds show was on back in 2003, the mc speedy exploded w/ popularity - and many were horrible fakes. back then it cost about $1500, now it's $2000. with this kind of inflation, the handbag will cost $1 million dollars by the time i'm a senior citizen!
  4. queen, that's a good idea, just cuz I'm on a ban doesn't mean I can't try it on...:graucho:

    I know, I saw them everywhere! A girl was even carrying a fake in Neiman's, I gave her the benefit of a doubt, maybe she got it on eBay and didn't know it was a fake...but I felt bad for her either way cuz it was a horrible fake.
  5. absoulutely! I believe it's never out of date :tup: One of my fave bags.
  6. I think the MC speedy is gorgeous! :love:
  7. Personally... now, you asked...

    I absolutely think not :push:
  8. Any Speedy is in style to me!! If the MC isnt then I guess the rest are out of style then too then right, like the Grafitti, Cerises, Mirage?

    If you like it then buy it!
  9. I like tha MC speedy a lot, but I think for ME it wouldn't work. I love all the colors but it feels to juvenile IMO. But if you really like it get it, even if is not in, get what you want and enjoy it!!
  10. i think it will always be in style, but it was a lot more popular back then from what i remember. but it's a great back to have, it goes up in valua like crazy.
  11. I think it's a great bag. I don't think any Louis really ever goes out of style.
  12. The MC Speedy is a *HOT* bag and I believe it will never go out of style.

    Just as all the other LVs .... :tup:
  13. I think it is a really pretty bag. I love all the hardware on it.
  14. no way this bag is forever stylish i love it so much
  15. Definitely!
    It goes with everything and is a play on a classic. :yes: